Poison Valley

I keep saying this, but, I have a new comic on the go.
Yes I know, I have a million other comics on the go. To be honest, I haven’t had the inspiration to draw the other comics. Don’t get me wrong, the other ideas I thought were good but not great.
I wanted to do a comic like I used to do. Fun. Also a bit random. I like showing or telling people a story that doesn’t really go anywhere, and their reaction is “eh!?” Or “huh!?”.
That’s where Poison Valley comes in. I haven’t written a story, just got the basic premise on a piece of paper with different story arcs to follow.
I also wanted to limit myself by having a 6 panel page and all panels were the same size. I guess I wanted to challenge myself, and also have the same amount of randomness the original Tales Of Spoons comic had.
I suppose I better tell you the premise of the new comic, so here we go:

It’s set in a post apocalyptic world where the only place that has clean water, blue sky, green grass and is unaffected from the poisonous wastelands is a welsh valley called Colwyn Valley. But, just because the area is clear of the poisonous air, doesn’t mean there isn’t any danger or supernatural goings on.

That’s it! I have only a few ideas of story arcs, I have no idea if any characters are safe, if any.

Well, here’s the first, uncoloured, panel for your enjoyment!


I’ll keep you posted on any development!



Well, FCBD has come again! For those that don’t know, FCBD is a yearly event that takes place on the first Saturday of May! There’s lots of cool free comics that you can get your hands on!
Unfortunately, there aren’t any comic book shops/sellers in my area. I guess North Wales isn’t ready for “that” just yet! But, I did find a store online that were only charging the postage and packaging of the comics available on FCBD! Great!!

I ordered them from Disposable Heroes Comics. The link is right here: Disposable Heroes Comics FCBD! CLICK HERE!

Here’s what I ordered:
Guardians Of The Galaxy, Futures End, Rocket Racoon & Kaboom Summer Blast!

I’m looking forward to giving them a read!

Also, as it’s FCBD, I’m going to post up a comics up on my TWITTER & INSTAGRAM!

It’s been a while!! But I’ve been, busy. Yeah. Any who, I was looking through my old sketch book last night and I found a comic I was working on last year!!
It was a 3 panel comic set in a post-apocalyptic world! I already sketched 20 pages, but I didn’t write down the script!
So, last night I wrote the “script” behind the sketches. It probably had different dialogue when I originally drew it, but it seems to flow pretty good now!
I’ve decided to carry on this comic. It seems a waste of effort to just discard it! Especially if I have 20 pages done up! If it was to be updated online 3 times a week, I would already have 2 months worth of work already done up! Well, after inking, colouring & typing!
Anyway, here’s a snap shot of the comic I found! Expect an update soon and a link to the comic!


Update, films, comics…

I haven’t written anything on here for over a month. I don’t know why exactly! Christmas has been and gone. The new year happened, fireworks went off. Food was eaten, lots of food. Too much in fact.

So what now? Well, I need to watch a few more films. I’m looking forward to Godzilla, the trailer looked amazing!

I’ve been umming and ahhing over comics. I’ve finally settled with a story and a way of doing the pages too. The new comic will be called HAMMER after the name of the main character. I’ve decided to do it as a noir style horror thing. One panel pages with a big narrative at the top. The first story will involve him getting back into his private investigator role. Expect some weirdness, cynacism and a few nods to horror, sci-fi & TV shows here and there.

This is a snippet off the first page. Let me know what you think of the style.

That’s it for now! Hopefully I will update this blog more often!

Tis the season

I thought it would be fun to do a little list of some christmasy films! I’ve tried to mix a bit of differet genres into the list because, this is primarily a horror based blog! So, in no particular order…


What a fantastic stalker slasher film this was! I enjoyed it for what it was! Definatly a Christmas must see!

DIE HARD (1988)

I don’t care what anyone says, I love this film! Before anyone says anything. It is a Christmas film, with guns and explosions.


Of course this had to be on here! A beautiful movie. Hopefully they don’t go on with the sequel…


Well, Santa with his arm out of the chimney holding an axe. What’s not to like!? Of course the film has a grim theme, but it is a bit of holiday fun!


I love this film! One of my favourite comedies! I suppose it can be classed as a New Years Eve film too!

I forgot to put this on the list! How foolish! Great movie! You’ll be whistling the tune for weeks after watching!

Well, there’s some films for someone to look up and perhaps enjoy!

Expect some comics soon! ;-)

Tales Of Spoons Comics

I was having a look through some old Tales Of Spoons story titles. I’m going to post some on here because they sound so ridiculous that I HAVE to do them! Watch this space!


That was some of my favourite titles! They will get made and put on this blog! :)

Conclusion Zone

Been a while since I posted on here. But, I have been busy! Normal life gets in the way of hobbies. I’m back drawing again with an actual comic idea (not a webcomic one) called Conclusion Zone. I have an idea on how it starts and the (kind of) beginning of the characters new lives. I have 4 characters drawn up so watch this space on more designs and the blurb page where I will be selling the comic!

Here’s the first character sheet:
I still want to write my review of Walking Dead Episode 1 Season 4, so also stay tuned for that!