Rodney Hicks & The Aftermath

I always go back to that name. It’s stuck with me for years. But I’m loving drawing this series. I have over 30 pages sketched up ready to ink! Yes, its only 3 panels on a page but who cares! Ha!

I’m not sure whether I will put the comic on this blog, or maybe comicfury that’s made for posting comics. Either way I’ll post a reminder on here, Facebook & twitter.

Here’s a page I’ve inked today (obviously not finished yet, but you get the idea!)


Here’s a quick summary of the new comic:

Rodney Hicks & The Aftermath is a posts apocalyptic comic. In a world filled with cannibals, mutants & right winged militia. Rodney tries to survive the aftermath whilst meeting other survivors in a world where only 20% of the world’s population has survived.

That’s the basic outline of the comic. I can add weird and strange characters as the story progresses. Much like my old comics with Tales Of Spoons!

The webcomic will be ready soon! Keep your peepers open!



I thought it would be nice to put a preview down of what I’m doing! The idea of Tales Of Spoons keeps changing. I’m pretty confident that this version of the comic is its final version! I’m also really happy with the look, feel, characters and storylines of the comic.
I have two recurring main characters: Edgar and Alan. I’m going to introduce a female character soon too called: Poe. Yeah pretty obvious what I did there right? Any who, you’ll get to meet these 16/17 year olds attending Howard Phillips College very soon!
Another change to the comic, instead of a monthly comic I’ve decided on a weekly comic. I think I have enough time to do 3 panel pages once a week, even with two toddlers!!
As a treat, I am posting the first 3 pages in sketch form for your viewing (dis)pleasure! There’s no lettering except for the college name, but you kind of get the just of what’s going on!
These pages are all inked and lettered. So I guess I have a 3 week head start! I will announce when the comic will be online, but for now enjoy the preview!