Losing Weight: day 1

This isn’t the usual post I put on here, but I thought I should keep a diary thing about me trying to lose weight.
I’ve been a big guy for a long time. Always around the 20 stone (280 pounds) and never really doing anything about it.
Until this morning. I woke up, looked at myself in the mirror and thought to myself, “I’ve had enough of looking at that fat face.”
So I got the boys sorted with their breakfast and did something I hadn’t done in about 15 years. I did some exercise. I decided it best to ease myself back into exercise, so I went for a run. Granted it was a 30 minute run but I still did it! 15 minutes there and 15 minutes back.
As I was running, I did have a moment whilst running that I couldn’t do it. To be fair I hadn’t done any real exercise in years! But all my doubts were dropped when I got to my stop point. I’ve lived here all my life, but I never appreciate views like this:


Of course, when I got back, I was shattered! My next run will be on Thursday!
I decided the best thing for me would be to do the Slim Fast diet. If you don’t know what that consists of its 3 snacks, 2 shakes/meal bar and 1 600 calorie meal a day.
I know the first week will be the hardest. Training my body to get used to not eating as much as I used to. Its 4 o clock now and I am starving! Haha!
I have made my own meal bars though so I don’t have to have a shake all the time.
This won’t be a permanent thing, I’ll keep at it until November or until I lose a few stone!
I want to get down to at least 16 stone. It will be the lowest I’ve been in years. Maybe I can buy clothes straight off the rail! That would be crazy!
This diary won’t be a daily thing, there’s no point in boring with the minute details, so it will more than likely be a weekly update.
Until next week!


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