Poison Valley

I keep saying this, but, I have a new comic on the go.
Yes I know, I have a million other comics on the go. To be honest, I haven’t had the inspiration to draw the other comics. Don’t get me wrong, the other ideas I thought were good but not great.
I wanted to do a comic like I used to do. Fun. Also a bit random. I like showing or telling people a story that doesn’t really go anywhere, and their reaction is “eh!?” Or “huh!?”.
That’s where Poison Valley comes in. I haven’t written a story, just got the basic premise on a piece of paper with different story arcs to follow.
I also wanted to limit myself by having a 6 panel page and all panels were the same size. I guess I wanted to challenge myself, and also have the same amount of randomness the original Tales Of Spoons comic had.
I suppose I better tell you the premise of the new comic, so here we go:

It’s set in a post apocalyptic world where the only place that has clean water, blue sky, green grass and is unaffected from the poisonous wastelands is a welsh valley called Colwyn Valley. But, just because the area is clear of the poisonous air, doesn’t mean there isn’t any danger or supernatural goings on.

That’s it! I have only a few ideas of story arcs, I have no idea if any characters are safe, if any.

Well, here’s the first, uncoloured, panel for your enjoyment!


I’ll keep you posted on any development!


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