MANIAC (2012)

dir: Franck Khalfoun
writers: Alexandre Aja, C. A. Rosenberg, Grégory Levasseur.
Starring: Elijah Woods, Nora Arnezeder, Jan Broberg, America Olivo.

Late last night, I decided to watch a film. As I was flicking through netflix a title jumped out at me. Maniac. I’ve been wanting to see this film since it came out, but having toddlers (and a girlfriend who doesn’t DO horror) is harder to get time to watch! But, luckily for me, netflix is around and I can watch these films whenever suits me!

Back to Maniac. Maniac is a remake of the 80s slasher film of the same name and although it is a remake, I quite enjoyed this film! Although 70% of the film is shot In Franks (Elijiah Woods) POV, the gritty settings, Frank’s unstable mind and the use of 80s synth music was a refreshing look into the psychological serial killer type movie (is that actually a thing?).

Whilst watching , because you’re essentially stuck in Franks sick mind, it feels almost claustrophobic. You also get up close and personal to all the murders that happen.

What I found really interesting was the use of getting Elijiah Woods screen time. All of these were used by reflections of mirrors, windows, etc. and in a third person whilst Frank is having an outer body experience or having day dreams/nightmares.

I would recommend this film for fans of slasher/serial killer films. It’s a fresh take on this genre, even if this is a remake!



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