GODZILLA (2014) review

Dir: Gareth Edwards
Writer: Max Bernstein
Starring: Bryan Cranston, Ken Watanabe, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen, Juliette Binnoche, David Straitham.


I went to go see GODZILLA last night. I was so excited to see it! I love Godzilla & destroy all monsters is one of my favourite films. After all the viral, teaser trailers & hype on the film (and the fact it looked nothing like the 98 Godzilla film!). So there was a lot to live up to!


The first 30 minutes of the film were fantastic! Great acting, great directing and solid character building and buildings getting destroyed ala Godzilla!


That’s when the film turned and seemed the script was a bit ropey. The characters seemed one dimensional at certain points in the film. The best actors were Bryan Cranston, who you felt sympathetic for his character trying to find the truth, and Ken Watanabe. But, they were hardly in the film. They needed more screen time.


Speaking of more screen times, the monsters or “muto” and Godzilla needed to be seen more. Especially  with the first Godzilla and MUTO encouter. You see a great build up, planes getting smashed, giant fireball, humoungus foot stamping down! Yes, the first time Godzilla is on screen is about an hour into the film but what an entrance! They even gave him his iconic roar! But, it goes to a different scene where the first fight is on a television screen!! It was a bit of a cop out. People have paid to see Godzilla. Especially Godzilla fighting another giant monster!! But at least they gave Godzilla his famous atom breath, unlike that sham of a film in ’98.

All that aside it was an decent watch but the script wasn’t up to scratch. But as poor as the script felt, the CGI on Godzilla and the MUTO were fantastic, they stayed quite true to the original toho Godzilla (roar and atom breath) and the directing was really good too!



MANIAC (2012)

dir: Franck Khalfoun
writers: Alexandre Aja, C. A. Rosenberg, Grégory Levasseur.
Starring: Elijah Woods, Nora Arnezeder, Jan Broberg, America Olivo.

Late last night, I decided to watch a film. As I was flicking through netflix a title jumped out at me. Maniac. I’ve been wanting to see this film since it came out, but having toddlers (and a girlfriend who doesn’t DO horror) is harder to get time to watch! But, luckily for me, netflix is around and I can watch these films whenever suits me!

Back to Maniac. Maniac is a remake of the 80s slasher film of the same name and although it is a remake, I quite enjoyed this film! Although 70% of the film is shot In Franks (Elijiah Woods) POV, the gritty settings, Frank’s unstable mind and the use of 80s synth music was a refreshing look into the psychological serial killer type movie (is that actually a thing?).

Whilst watching , because you’re essentially stuck in Franks sick mind, it feels almost claustrophobic. You also get up close and personal to all the murders that happen.

What I found really interesting was the use of getting Elijiah Woods screen time. All of these were used by reflections of mirrors, windows, etc. and in a third person whilst Frank is having an outer body experience or having day dreams/nightmares.

I would recommend this film for fans of slasher/serial killer films. It’s a fresh take on this genre, even if this is a remake!



Well, FCBD has come again! For those that don’t know, FCBD is a yearly event that takes place on the first Saturday of May! There’s lots of cool free comics that you can get your hands on!
Unfortunately, there aren’t any comic book shops/sellers in my area. I guess North Wales isn’t ready for “that” just yet! But, I did find a store online that were only charging the postage and packaging of the comics available on FCBD! Great!!

I ordered them from Disposable Heroes Comics. The link is right here: Disposable Heroes Comics FCBD! CLICK HERE!

Here’s what I ordered:
Guardians Of The Galaxy, Futures End, Rocket Racoon & Kaboom Summer Blast!

I’m looking forward to giving them a read!

Also, as it’s FCBD, I’m going to post up a comics up on my TWITTER & INSTAGRAM!