Rodney Hicks & The Aftermath

I always go back to that name. It’s stuck with me for years. But I’m loving drawing this series. I have over 30 pages sketched up ready to ink! Yes, its only 3 panels on a page but who cares! Ha!

I’m not sure whether I will put the comic on this blog, or maybe comicfury that’s made for posting comics. Either way I’ll post a reminder on here, Facebook & twitter.

Here’s a page I’ve inked today (obviously not finished yet, but you get the idea!)


Here’s a quick summary of the new comic:

Rodney Hicks & The Aftermath is a posts apocalyptic comic. In a world filled with cannibals, mutants & right winged militia. Rodney tries to survive the aftermath whilst meeting other survivors in a world where only 20% of the world’s population has survived.

That’s the basic outline of the comic. I can add weird and strange characters as the story progresses. Much like my old comics with Tales Of Spoons!

The webcomic will be ready soon! Keep your peepers open!


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