It’s been a while!! But I’ve been, busy. Yeah. Any who, I was looking through my old sketch book last night and I found a comic I was working on last year!!
It was a 3 panel comic set in a post-apocalyptic world! I already sketched 20 pages, but I didn’t write down the script!
So, last night I wrote the “script” behind the sketches. It probably had different dialogue when I originally drew it, but it seems to flow pretty good now!
I’ve decided to carry on this comic. It seems a waste of effort to just discard it! Especially if I have 20 pages done up! If it was to be updated online 3 times a week, I would already have 2 months worth of work already done up! Well, after inking, colouring & typing!
Anyway, here’s a snap shot of the comic I found! Expect an update soon and a link to the comic!



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