Rodney Hicks & The Aftermath

I always go back to that name. It’s stuck with me for years. But I’m loving drawing this series. I have over 30 pages sketched up ready to ink! Yes, its only 3 panels on a page but who cares! Ha!

I’m not sure whether I will put the comic on this blog, or maybe comicfury that’s made for posting comics. Either way I’ll post a reminder on here, Facebook & twitter.

Here’s a page I’ve inked today (obviously not finished yet, but you get the idea!)


Here’s a quick summary of the new comic:

Rodney Hicks & The Aftermath is a posts apocalyptic comic. In a world filled with cannibals, mutants & right winged militia. Rodney tries to survive the aftermath whilst meeting other survivors in a world where only 20% of the world’s population has survived.

That’s the basic outline of the comic. I can add weird and strange characters as the story progresses. Much like my old comics with Tales Of Spoons!

The webcomic will be ready soon! Keep your peepers open!


It’s been a while!! But I’ve been, busy. Yeah. Any who, I was looking through my old sketch book last night and I found a comic I was working on last year!!
It was a 3 panel comic set in a post-apocalyptic world! I already sketched 20 pages, but I didn’t write down the script!
So, last night I wrote the “script” behind the sketches. It probably had different dialogue when I originally drew it, but it seems to flow pretty good now!
I’ve decided to carry on this comic. It seems a waste of effort to just discard it! Especially if I have 20 pages done up! If it was to be updated online 3 times a week, I would already have 2 months worth of work already done up! Well, after inking, colouring & typing!
Anyway, here’s a snap shot of the comic I found! Expect an update soon and a link to the comic!