Inside No 9 – TV – 2014

Written & Starring: Reece Shearsmith & Steve Pemberton

As a fan of The League Of Gentlemen, I was excited by the new anthology series by Steve Pemberton & Reece Shearsmith!

All the episodes will only be linked that the episodes happen in houses or rooms with the number 9.

The first episode, called sardines, insisted of an engagement party playing a game of sardines as an icebreaker.


The whole episode was acted out brilliantly and gave the same laugh out loud moments that the league deliver! Even with the dark secrets of inscest, peadophilia & murder venturing out you couldn’t help laugh until all secrets are out and the final twist is revealed!


If you’re a fan of the gentlemen, or remember the old portmanteau series like Twilight Zone, Tales Of The Unexpected etc. Then I recommend this series for you!

Can’t wait for the next episode!



Late Night Sketchmares

I drew up another Sketchmare, I had an urge to draw a clown so I did. But I wanted a worried clown, and something in the darkness. Behold my sketch!!

“Game Over Clown” – 4/2/14