Conclusion Zone

Been a while since I posted on here. But, I have been busy! Normal life gets in the way of hobbies. I’m back drawing again with an actual comic idea (not a webcomic one) called Conclusion Zone. I have an idea on how it starts and the (kind of) beginning of the characters new lives. I have 4 characters drawn up so watch this space on more designs and the blurb page where I will be selling the comic!

Here’s the first character sheet:
I still want to write my review of Walking Dead Episode 1 Season 4, so also stay tuned for that!


The Original Tales Of Spoons Anthology!

As I’m still drawing up the comic, you can order a 60 page book of the original Tales Of Spoons! There’s four stories in the book, three from the old comicfury website and one original!
So why not have a peak into what Tales Of Spoons was before the new comic starts! I can assure you it will be completely different to the older, anthology style comic!
You can buy your copy here:20131012-101640.jpg


I thought it would be nice to put a preview down of what I’m doing! The idea of Tales Of Spoons keeps changing. I’m pretty confident that this version of the comic is its final version! I’m also really happy with the look, feel, characters and storylines of the comic.
I have two recurring main characters: Edgar and Alan. I’m going to introduce a female character soon too called: Poe. Yeah pretty obvious what I did there right? Any who, you’ll get to meet these 16/17 year olds attending Howard Phillips College very soon!
Another change to the comic, instead of a monthly comic I’ve decided on a weekly comic. I think I have enough time to do 3 panel pages once a week, even with two toddlers!!
As a treat, I am posting the first 3 pages in sketch form for your viewing (dis)pleasure! There’s no lettering except for the college name, but you kind of get the just of what’s going on!
These pages are all inked and lettered. So I guess I have a 3 week head start! I will announce when the comic will be online, but for now enjoy the preview!