Small update

I’m still working on the comic. It will come! Honest!! But for the mean time I will write about my progress. That’s what this is hear for right? Anyway, I’ve mentioned before that it will be a monthly update (if time suits it will be a fortnightly update).The reason for this is because, I am a father and I work a full time job. It’s a lot of time I don’t have to be creative! So I decided rather than have daily or weekly updates monthly will give me enough time to draw up the comic.
I’m also deciding wether to keep it mainly in pencil and quite sketchy, or get it inked and coloured properly! A dilemma, I know!
At least I have the first story pretty much written up! I also have another story in the works! The newer story is just ideas at the moment, but the first one has character names, a place, all that jazz!
I haven’t said when the comic will be online, but be sure to check the Facebook page, twitter and on here!!
Small update but still an update!!


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