Halloween Is Coming…

Now that the eldest has had his birthday I know that Halloween is right around the corner! I can’t wait! I love it and it’s better when you have kids! I need to get the boys costumes sorted for this year, but I was also hoping to do a Halloween comic. I have a story ready I just need to draw it! For now, here’s a Zombie Monkey I drew a while ago!



Telly Viewings (Under The Dome & Bates Motel)

I recently watched two tv programs. Under The Dome and Bates Motel. These aren’t really reviews but my initial thoughts on the shows…

I heard about this Under The Dome a while ago and I didn’t realise it was a Stephen King novel (yes, shame on me). Once I did find out I had high hopes for it. But I was also glad that they wouldn’t be staying too close to the book. I thought the idea of a town, cut off from everything else, was a great idea. How they are still trying to maintain the town, whilst they are uncovering the townsfolks’ secrets. It does seem that there are a lot of skeletons in the towns closet. The episodes, so far, are just character development but there has been some plots that have been quite interesting. From murder to corrupt councilmen and a abduction. There should be enough to keep people entertained whilst the characters try to figure out why the town has been cut off and who put it up. I am enjoying the show, I’m looking forward to seeing what other secrets the town will have!
I watched Bates Motel last night. I love Psycho. It was one of the first true slasher films out there. The idea for Bates Motel shows a teenage Norman Bates. He’s just moved to the motel with his mother Norma Bates six months after his father was killed, presumably by Norma. The series will show Normans transformation from a teenager to the serial killer we all know. The first episode was a little slow, but that’s understandable really. They need to bring the Bates character into modern day and I think they have achieved this. There were some elements of horror in this program and it shows Norma’s possessiveness of Norman. It was only the first episode but I enjoyed it. Hopefully later episodes will have a few more surprises that will keep me interested!20130914-095115.jpg
Well, that’s what I’ve been watching and that’s what I thought of the shows! I think the next show, coming soon, will be The Walking Dead. I will review the first episode, I just hope it will be better than the previous season!

Small update

I’m still working on the comic. It will come! Honest!! But for the mean time I will write about my progress. That’s what this is hear for right? Anyway, I’ve mentioned before that it will be a monthly update (if time suits it will be a fortnightly update).The reason for this is because, I am a father and I work a full time job. It’s a lot of time I don’t have to be creative! So I decided rather than have daily or weekly updates monthly will give me enough time to draw up the comic.
I’m also deciding wether to keep it mainly in pencil and quite sketchy, or get it inked and coloured properly! A dilemma, I know!
At least I have the first story pretty much written up! I also have another story in the works! The newer story is just ideas at the moment, but the first one has character names, a place, all that jazz!
I haven’t said when the comic will be online, but be sure to check the Facebook page, twitter and on here!!
Small update but still an update!!