A Field In England (review)

Dir: Ben Wheatley
Written: Amy Jump
Starring; Julian Barrett, Reece Shearsmth, Peter Ferdinando, Richard Glover, Ryan Pope, Michael Smiley.

This film starts off with Whitehead (Shearsmith) hiding from the commander Trower (Barrett). He meets up with Cutler (Pope), Jacob (Ferdinando) and Friend (Glover). They’ve abandoned the war in search of an ale house only to come across a rope in the middle of a field. They find O’Neil (Smiley) at the other side. It turns out Whitehead has been sent out to obtain O’Neil, but he has other plans. He says of buried gold somewhere in the field.

That’s pretty much the gist of the film. It is filled with interesting shots where the actors seem to recreate photographs. But there is some truly disturbing scenes in the film too. Especially the tent scene as pictured below.

The hallucination scenes are brilliantly filmed, surreal and very uneasy. You would think that you were tripping on mushrooms as well! All the acting is played out really well, but the stand outs are Reece Shearsmith as Whitehaed and Michael Smiley as O’Neil.
Shearsmith gives Whitehead a character who begins as a coward to a person in (semi) control that you could imagine in League Of Gentlemen or Psychoville. Whilst Smiley plays O’Neil with a viscous and controlling man who becomes more horrific as the film goes on.
This film is filled with superstition of the time which is doubled by the use of mushrooms! I would recommend people see this. Although it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, it will be enjoyable for fans of the drama/thriller/horror mix!



Welcome & films I want to see…

Welcome to the blog! This is just a quick intro into what the blog will have.

I want the blog to feature things that I love, mainly horror. So expect reviews of old and new horror films, books and comics. Also expect my comic Tales Of Spoons to return as a weekly (possibly monthly) update! New stories, more surreal horror! I’m also toying on the idea of a short horror story too. I’m not sure on the story yet but I guess I could do a chapter a month? Who knows!

I’ll start you off with films I’m looking forward to watching, these are new to me but might be quite old to you! Any who…

This film is set in English Civil War and it interests me with the hallucinogenic scenes and has some surreal and disturbing scenes in it, or so I’m told! I’m looking forward to watching this film, I enjoy the historical thrillers.

2. YOU’RE NEXT (2013)
The film sees a family reunion which is ruined by masked intruders set out on a massacre. This one has interested me for a while and it seems to be bringing back the horror slasher in a new style.

3. V/H/S (2012) & V/H/S 2 (2013)
I love my portmanteau films. That’s what Tales Of Spoons is inspired by. Classics like Bodybags, Creepshow, Asylum, etc. These films interested me because, it’s portmanteau using videotape footage to show the story. I’ve been meaning to watch them for a while now!

And finally…
This is the sixth Chucky film. I have a soft spot for these films. Yeah they can be cheesy, but they are entertaining! This new one seems to have gone back to its roots. A darker Chucky, with less slapstick.

Most of the films above are getting shown at FrightFest in London. A 4 day horror/thriller movie festival. I’ve not been yet, but I expect to go next year!

I hope this gives you an idea of what to expect and look out for reviews of the above films! I’m still working on the comic too but it will be posted on here when it’s ready!